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About Us

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Hi everyone!

My name is Melanie and I'll just put it out there... I love my job!
I have been living here in the valley for about 11 years but I’m originally from the Island of Oahu. Although I love the ocean, I have come to love the mountains just as much. I love the outdoor sports that this valley has to offer, I love snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and golf. When I first came here I worked at restaurant Six89 in Carbondale, waiting tables and then went to Phat Thai and was the first bartender there, you may have drunk one or two of my Ginger Cosmo’s. A little over a year later I ended up in Aspen managing the bar at the Belly Up and after about 21/2 years of working there I started to get a little restless, wanting to get out of the bar/restaurant business and do something else.

The big question for me was what was I going to do?
Well that answer came one night about 10 years ago whilst bartending at the Belly Up, I ran into a friend that was an esthetician that specialized in Brazilian waxing. Long story short, she convinced me to let her wax me, I had never been waxed before, so I was nervous! Well it turned out I loved the results and I was hooked . After a while she ended up getting really busy and it was harder and harder to get an appointment with her . I found myself having to get waxed by other people from time to time. That’s when I quickly realized that just because someone can wax, it does not mean that they are good at it. I remember telling her that whenever someone else waxed me it was never a good experience. She then suggested to me that I should think about getting into waxing myself and that I might really like it. Well I took her advice and got my esthetician license and decided to specializing in body waxing, it’s been my passion ever since. About a year ago another friend was telling me about the Cavi Lipo system, which is an ultrasound machine that destroys fat cells . My friend had told me that no one in my area offered Cavi Lipo and that it was amazing and that I should really think about getting one. Well after a ton of research I decided to buy one and got certified. Since then Its been an amazing journey, the confidence that I am able to give back to my clients with this machine is priceless!! It is truly an incredible feeling to help someone feel good about themselves. This too has become another passion of mine along with waxing. My love for body waxing has always been my focus professionally and now body contouring has become one as well. I think everyone has their niche' in life and waxing and body contouring are mine. I believe it's a form of art, after specializing in body waxing for women and men alike for the past 9 years, with encouragement and support, I did it! I took the leap and decided to open my own business and incorporate these two passions of mine, body contouring and waxing under one roof.

I understand the stresses in finding an esthetician that makes you feel comfortable and trusting that your waxing will be done well, with the least amount of pain and an attention to detail. I completely understand the "awkawardness" and sensitivities of certain waxing services and do my best to minimize those feelings. I take pride in my work and stand by it 100%. I know anyone can wax, but not everyone waxes well.